7 Health Foods That Can Ruin Your Diet How to avoid being blindsided by weight gain

7 Health Foods That Can Ruin Your Diet

Even when you think you’re eating healthy, you may want to think again… There are some foods pretending to be healthier than they really are. Or they may be healthy in themselves, but only if you don’t overdo them.

These foods could be undermining your attempts to lose weight and eat healthy:

1. Smoothies: A swirl of hidden calories

There are few foods – calorie for calorie – as nutritionally packed as vegetables and fruits. But depending on the ingredients in your smoothie, including the amount of fruit, juice and protein, it can contain far more calories than you’d imagine, up to 1,500!  Try this: Add fruit for flavor, but focus on veggies, and add some leafy greens in the mix – which are uber-low in calories but superheroes in health benefits. A few pineapple chunks can help make the baby spinach or kale in a smoothie easier to enjoy.


2. Granola and trail mix: Dense, power-packed

Granola has healthy properties – whole oats and grains – but it is often prepared with a lot of butter and oil. If it is sticky and clumped, that’s an indicator of an unhealthy recipe. There are also healthy granola recipes, but still, a serving is a very small amount. Granola contains a whopping 400 calories in an average cup. The same is true for nuts and dried fruit, which are also calorie-dense. A single cup of almonds contains more than 500 calories. A little bit goes a long way.


3. Bagels: Carbohydrate ‘crash cart’

Most bagels contain three or four servings of carbohydrates and if you add cream cheese, it can have more than 400 calories and contain a whopping 25 percent of the daily allowance of sodium. If you compare a plain bagel and a simple glazed donut, they have about the same number of calories, 215 and 229 respectively. Donuts are hardly a health food and certainly contain more sugar than bagels, but bagels can sometimes go under the radar as a good, regular breakfast option.

bagel with cream cheese

4. Soup and salad: Mischievous match

Soup and salad can make a healthy meal. But the devil is in the details: Cream-based soups can be quite high in fat, and when it comes to a salad, once you add croutons, cured meats, and high-fat dressing, it’s no longer a low-calorie meal. The other, less obvious issue with soups at restaurants is that they are notoriously high in sodium. Too much salt doesn’t just raise blood pressure, but it also increases your risk of stroke, heart failure, osteoporosis, stomach cancer and kidney disease.

soup and salad

5. Fat-free foods: Good bye fat, hello sugar

Some fat-free foods really are healthier, like cheese and other dairy products made with skim rather than whole milk. But usually, manufacturers of fat-free foods add sugar or high-fructose corn syrup to help the foods stay shelf-stable, and this adds empty calories. People tend to have a phobia of fat, but healthy fats are essential to our diet — as long you eat fats in moderation. Choose monounsaturated fats, like those in nuts or fish.

corn syrup

6. Meatless ‘burgers’: What are you?

If you’re eating a processed meatless “burger” or “hot dog,” consider what has been used as a protein source. Sometimes these products have a lot of added chemicals. People can actually gain weight on a meatless diet from eating the wrong types of proteins. What should you look for? A smaller ingredient list. The more ingredients you actually recognize, the better that food is.

veggie burger

7. 100-calorie snack packs: DIY is better

Single-serving snack packs are helpful for people who have trouble with portion control, but these snacksare not a good source of calories. Choose a banana or a container of Greek yogurt instead, or make your own serving-sized baggies of nuts. You’ll avoid the blood sugar spike and drop that you’d get from eating a 100-calorie pack of packaged mini cookies.


Tip: Eat healthy foods 75 percent of the time

The key to healthy eating isn’t just the choice of foods themselves, but also moderation.  Remember also that it’s OK to indulge once in a while if you generally eat right. My advice: Try to eat healthy foods 75 percent of the time, rather than it being all or nothing.

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It went down in the DMs! Here’s how Somizi found love again

Somizi has opened up about his new man.

somizi has opened up about his new man. 
Image: Via Somizi Instagram

A chance meeting at a posh event and a series of direct messages on Instagram led toIdols SA judge Somizi finding love again.

Somizi, who had always been shy to go into too much detail about his relationships, told True Love magazine that he met his prince charming at an exclusive champagne launch last month.

“We met in July at the exclusive Louis Vuitton and Moët & Chandon event, at which the top 20 customers in Joburg were invited for the launch of a new champagne,” he said.

Two days after meeting, Somizi said he received a direct message on Instagram from the man. After chatting for some time, the pair went on a date and have been together ever since.

Somizi did not reveal his man’s name but said that he was not in the entertainment industry.

On a recent episode of his reality show, Living the Dream with Somizi, the radio personality claimed that he was a “freelancer” in the love department and outlined his ideal man.

“He needs to have money. He has a job. He has a career. He has a house. He has everything. Until I found someone who is on my level, I’m not committing. I’ll freelance. I’ll be Mr. delivery,” he said.

The star told True Love that he finally found what he was looking for.

“He’s physically attractive and is business savvy and mature…. I saw him as I walked into the event and was curious about him. It’s obvious that we were both sussing each other out,” Somizi said.

Somizi first hinted at a new romance late last month when he told listeners on his Metro FM radio show with DJ Fresh that he was 12 days into a relationship.

“We video chatted for the first time last night. Before this we were just calling or texting. So far, so good,” he said.

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DJ Khaled Flies On Plane For The First Time In 10 Years; Shares Experience On Snapchat

DJ Khaled

It’s a well known fact that DJ Khaled has an intense fear of flying. He has talked about it in detail in various interviews, including this one on The Breakfast Club where he discussed the various reasons why he hasn’t got on a plane for years.

But earlier today, he overcame his aviophobia by taking a flight — a private jet for the first time in 10 years. He had his wife and his son Asahd for company along with other members of the We The Best music crew. And of course, Khaled had to share his rare experience on his Snapchat. He went live on the video blogging site to document part of his journey for the fans and looked pretty comfortable doing so .

Smh 🤦‍♂️!!! 🙏🏽 WE DID IT !!

A post shared by DJ KHALED (@djkhaled) on

I haven’t flown in 10 years, it’s the only fear I ever had in my life,” said the hitmaker in one of his sessions (3:40 mark in the video below). “Fan love, I’m fearless now!” Khaled has been declining a lot of offers to do shows outside the U.S. for the reason that he can not fly but looks like that is going to change very soon. He also addressed the same in an Instagram post: “team let’s take one step at time lol I still love my bus too.”


You can watch over 8 minutes of the entertainer sharing his first flight experience in 10 years, below.

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How To Keep The Liver Healthy


he liver is one of the major organs in the body of living things. The human liver is the largest internal organ in the body that has a lot of functions in the health system.

The liver is a large organ in the body that stores and metabolizes nutrients that the intestine absorbs. Also, the liver helps in destroying toxins in the body.

It is also responsible for the production of bile ( a secretion produced by the liver and stored in the gall bladder) and other biochemical reactions.

The liver also produces proteins in the body.

It carries out its task of detoxifying the blood by removing medications, alcohol, and potentially harmful chemicals from the bloodstream.

Despite the important roles that the liver plays in the body, there are varieties of illnesses and diseases that can affect the liver.

When this diseases and infections occur, they impair the proper functioning of the liver.

Some of these infections include; Hepatitis A, B, C and D, liver tumors, liver abscess as well as cirrhosis among others.

These liver disorders are detrimental to the liver and to the overall health.

The types of activities we do, the food we eat, the substances ( Drugs, alcohol) we take.

Our physical life all go a long way in whether there will be problems with the liver system or not.

In order to keep the liver healthy, there is the need for us to watch what we do with our lives.

Excessive intake of certain drugs such as acetaminophen, and acetaminophen and statins can do a great damage to the liver.

Drug and alcohol abuse are also dangerous to the liver, so we should desist from this.

Eat foods that are rich in the essential vitamins that the body needs, eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, fiber, protein, calcium, phosphorus, etc.

Maintaining a good weight is also good for liver health.

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‘It’s difficult,’ says R14-million bonanza student

Rivals’ suspicions aroused when WSU student underwent a ‘Cinderella-like’ transformation

Walter Sisulu University student and Pasma leader Sibongile Mani

Sibongile Mani, the Walter Sisulu University student at the centre of an accidental R14-million payout, said she will get through the experience.

“It’s difficult, very difficult but I will get through [it],” said Mani, who had allegedly spent more than R800,000 after an administrative error saw her receive R14-million for food and book allowances.

Asked to tell her side of the story, Mani said: “I am not ready.”

Intellimali CEO Michael Ansell said on Wednesday the company would be taking full financial and administrative responsibility after Mani had apparently “misappropriated” R818,000 in what the company described as an “unprecedented” event in its 10 year history.

“The investigation is ongoing and legal action will be taken against the student,” Ansell said on Wednesday.

“Intellimali is currently in talks with NSFAS and WSU to determine the most appropriate action to be taken,” he said in a statement.

Ansell said the funds were paid over in June, and the error was only discovered in early August after she had spent a big amount of money.

“Regardless of the outcome of the investigation referred to later‚ Intellimali takes full administrative and financial responsibility for the incident. Neither the funder‚ National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) nor the university (WSU) have erred in any way and they are not responsible for this. In addition‚ no student’s financial aid support will be affected in any way‚” he said.

Ansell said the company had already implemented the necessary controls to avoid such an incident in the future.

“As is our standard practice, Intellimali deactivated that student’s allowance and notified the university that we would investigate the matter.

“In this case, the investigation proved to be complex, highly technical and time consuming. It required the attention of both internal professionals and external experts,” he said.

Sibongile Mani accidentally received a R14.1-million payment on her student debit card and allegedly blew over R800,000 of it.

Sibongile Mani accidentally received a R14.1-million payment on her student debit card and allegedly blew over R800,000 of it. 
Image: Supplied

NSFAS spokesperson Kagisho Mamabolo said they had requested the university to explain how the error occurred.

“The university must account,” he said.

University spokesperson Yonela Tukwayo said the university had been notified that Mani went on a “lavish” spending spree.

“People started complaining after she started living a very lavish lifestyle,” Tukwayo said.

“All students who were supposed to receive their money, did receive their money. This didn’t negatively affect any students,” she said.

Tukwayo said the university would be investigating how Mani managed to spend so much money, since there were only certain merchants where the money could be spent on food and books.

“Some students picked this up from the very lavish lifestyle she started living. We will also be looking into how this money was spent to buy some of the expensive goods‚” Tukwayo said.

“It was very callous and she did not report the matter immediately. She will definitely be held responsible‚” she said.

Lwando September, an SRC member and part of the Pan Africanist Student Movement of Azania (PASMA), declined to comment.

“We are not in a position to comment as PASMA [and] we were advised not to speak,” September said.

Mani is the student movement’s Buffalo City Campus branch secretary.

Criminal law expert Professor James Grant said it would be unlikely that Mani could be charged with fraud but “certainly theft”.

He said for her to be charged with fraud, it would require proof that she had made a misrepresentation of some sort.

Grant said the requirement for theft was to prove that she used money which she wasn’t entitled to.

“Her conduct was to spend the money, while knowing – that is the assumption – that she received it in error. In our criminal law as soon as you realise it was paid in error, then yes, it is theft and nothing else,” he said.

“On the other hand, if somehow she didn’t realise that in law she wasn’t entitled to do this or in law that if spending the money couldn’t possibly make her guilty of a criminal offence… then she would be making a mistake of law which in South African law is a valid and complete defence to the charge of theft then she could not be convicted then.”

Criminal lawyer Ulrich Roux said she could definitely be criminally charged if she didn’t repay the money.

“She isn’t justified to keep that money,” he said.

He said the moment she realised an error was made and she received more money than was due to her, she had a duty to report it to the company.

Roux said there was no law that said she was entitled to keeping the money.

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Zodwa Wabantu Latest Pictures at the #DSTVMVCA Looking All Sexxy

Zodwa Wabantu Latest Pictures at the #DSTVMVCA Looking All Sexxy… She was part of opening act at the the DSTV Viewers Choice Awards and though she appeared for a short time she rocked the stage…

Check out the pictures from the prestigious event…Zodwa Wabantu latest Pictures


Zodwa Wabantu latest Pictures

Zodwa Wabantu latest Pictures

Me saying I belong to you guys thank you so much,we all know where we are going,self rules,self love Owabantu,Singabantu ngabantu👭👬👫👭👬👫👭👬👫👭👬👫👑❤ yes I have people holding my hand,Team @djtira @msenzisto @tipcee_ ngiyabonga kakhulu guys.

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La Perla underwear @R300 000 a piece – Nelson Mandela Loved La Perla

The late president Nelson Mandela was among black South African men who blew their wealth on luxury underwear.La perla lady

his is according to La Perla boutique in Illovo, Sandton, that sells top of the range underwear – that cost up to R300000 a piece – for both men and women

Owner Yolanda van Tonder says that a top black businessman has recently ordered undies laced with real gold thread for his wife. It will be delivered next month.

The bling order will be Van Tonder’s sixth this year as she has already sold at least five similar thongs, pocketing R1.2million.

“Men love buying our products and the lacier the better. The late president Nelson Mandela loved La Perla’s mens underwear and the finest cotton vests,” said Van Tonder.

La Perla men

She said the store targets the A-plus income group and that she has been in the business of dressing the rich and famous for 26 years.

“Black men identify with La Perla and that is all they want,” said Van Tonder. “One of the most loved items in the shop is the Maison range which is silk with embroidered lace.”

Sunday World visited the store to see some of the luxurious lingerie on offer. Some of the items on display include camisoles, nightgowns and French knickers that will set you back up to R22000.

Van Tonder said that a number of local celebrities frequent her exclusive store to stock up on high-end lingerie.

Award-winning rapper Emtee, real name Mthembeni Ndevu, said he has been buying top notch underwear for up to R4 500 since 2015.

“Times have changed. I buy what I can afford. My spouse and I buy underwear from R3000, R4500 and whatever we like.

“It is also about quality and spoiling yourself with the things you like,” he said.

Metro FM DJ Lerato Kganyago said: “The most expensive I have bought was a bra for R4000. It’s about comfort and hygiene.”

TV presenter and actress Boity Thulo said the most expensive underwear item she has ever bought was R3000.

A top businessman, who did not want to be named, said he pays for what he fantasises about: “If I imagine my woman in beautiful underwear, I go buy it even if it’s R15000.”

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Antonio Banderas coming to SA

Hollywood heartthrob Antonio Banderas is headed to SA.

According to a press statement, the actor will spend an undisclosed amount of time in the country this spring, promoting his fragrances as well as visiting charities around Johannesburg.antono

“After achieving much success across the world the Spanish Superstar will now visit South Africa to promote his fragance and his private collection of photography,” the statement reads.

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A school outing took a tragic turn yesterday when a six-year-old fell off a raft and drowned at Shakaskraal, north of Durban.

Paramedics said eight children were at the Lucky Linton Gold Mine and Animal Farm when tragedy struck.BEACH

Witnesses said eight children had been taken around the dam on the raft by a guide from the facility of an outdoor venue.

Three children fell off the raft into the water.

Paramedics said two of the three children were pulled out of the water by the guide who leapt in to save them, while the third remained submerged for about 10 minutes.

Despite the efforts of witnesses who initiated by-stander CPR and IPSS advanced life support paramedics, the child was declared dead at scene.

Paramedics said the two remaining children were assessed by paramedics and remained in the care of teaching staff.

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‘My Music Career Isn’t Dead’ – Ludacris


Since his major label debut, Back For The First Time, back in 2000, Ludacris has enjoyed a storied career as an emcee. His classic albums dot the landscape of the last twenty years of hip-hop music, with titles like Word of Mouf and The Red Light District distinguishing themselves as not only some of the best Southern rap music ever produced, but some of the decade’s best genre entries period. That being said, his profile has expanded into other media since his first major album, currently holding down the hosting duties on MTV’s reboot of the Fear Factor franchise, which has enjoyed some high ratings during its first season. In addition to his other producing credits, some might think that Luda has left the music business behind but, based on his short interview at the MTV Video Music Awards, that theory couldn’t be further from the truth.

When he was asked the question about his music career, and whether or not is was done, Ludacris had one response to that: “definitely not.” He continued with that train of thought, saying that, when you’re at the stage of your career where you’re on your ninth album and have already sold tens of millions of copies of your previous work, you can afford to take your time and really be true to the process of music-making. He doesn’t want people to get it twisted – as he put it, “if it weren’t for music, I wouldn’t be where I’m at right now.”

As he pointed out, whenever an artist takes a ton of time in between major releases, a lot of haters social media users will come out of the woodwork and question the artist’s commitment not only to the new material, but also to those who want to hear it and might be getting impatient. However, even though he says he has new stuff in the works, Luda fans could be waiting a while for some new tracks to drop. Fear Factor has already been renewed for a second season, with the rapper once again taking over hosting duties and claiming an executive producer credit.

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