Bill Gates invests in Africa

Bill Gates visited Tanzania in August to learn more about the country’s development priorities.

Bill Gates, Co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, visited Tanzania from August 8-10 to learn more about the country’s development priorities, including the use of data and technology to improve health systems and boost financial inclusion.

The foundation believes that the effective use of data is a fundamental building block in creating robust health systems.

Gates met with the foundation’s key partners in Tanzania, including government officials, health care workers and development executives, to understand how the country is increasing the use of data in its health sector.

A key focus of this visit was to see, first-hand, the progress Tanzania has made towards achieving the health sector’s data vision, including how innovative practices are delivering on this strategy.

During the visit, Gates launched a new partnership with the Government of Tanzania which will complement the Better Immunization Data Initiative by accelerating the use of existing data and developing strong data policy frameworks.

He also met with the public and private sector stakeholders to discuss opportunities to expand the reach of digital payments. About half of Tanzania’s population has adopted mobile money technology.

These meetings will help identify opportunities for expanding and deepening the use of digital payments in the country.

He also toured a fertilizer factory to understand local initiatives aimed at improving the supply and distribution of fertilizer to smallholder farmers.

Better access to quality fertilizer and other inputs will help farmers boost staple crop and livestock productivity.

This, in turn, will enable farmers to both feed their families and generate higher incomes. Boosting agricultural production can ensure that healthy, nutritious food is available to all.

The foundation is working with a number of partners in Tanzania and elsewhere, including GAIN, UNICEF and Johns Hopkins University, to tackle issues around undernutrition in the country.

The foundation works with partners in more than 45 African countries to reduce poverty and improve health. Some of the major areas of investment include agriculture, child health and nutrition, family planning and financial services for the poor.

Between 2001 and 2016, the foundation invested more than $9 billion in Africa. The foundation plans to invest an additional $5 billion by 2021.

Have a look below for a few highlights of the visit:

Images courtesy of Zuma Press/RealTime Images.

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Zodwa Wabantu: ‘I am not a lesbian. I am attracted to men’

Socialite and dancer Zodwa Wabantu recently hit back at Twitter users who questioned her sexuality and set the record straight saying she is not a lesbian, she is attracted to men.

Socialite and dancer Zodwa Wabantu recently hit back at Twitter users who questioned her sexuality and set the record straight saying she is not a lesbian, she is attracted to men.

Zodwa shut down rumours that suggested that she was a lesbian and that she was dating a woman named Thusi. A fake news site reportedly quoted Zodwa admitting that she wants to settle down with a woman.

In an interview with TshisaLIVE, Zodwa said she has no interest in women and is attracted to men.

“I am not attracted to women like that. I have kissed women and I believe there is a picture circulating of me kissing a woman, but it was just a kiss.”

A snap of Zodwa locking lips with a female set social media alight, leaving users believing that Zodwa has a thing for the ladies. But Zodwa admitted that this kiss didn’t mean anything.

“I kiss a lot of people when I am at events because I am friendly to my fans. But I am not lesbian.”

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MultiChoice debuts new DStv WiFi Connector

The new DStv WiFi Connector, in the left of the image, next to an Explora PVR

MultiChoice has introduced a new WiFi Connector, allowing consumers to connect their DStv Explora personal video recorder (PVR) decoders to the Internet wirelessly.

The new connector comes four years after MultiChoice first introduced the product, allowing consumers to connect their PVRs to online Catch Up Plus streaming content without having to wire the machine up using Ethernet cables.

The new WiFi Connector, which costs R199, is smaller than the previous one and comes with a USB docking station.

“It’s easier to connect to your router, even if it is in another room, and there’s no need to run a cable from your router to your Explora,” said MultiChoice chief technology officer Gerdus van Eeden.

By connecting the Explora to the Internet, consumers can access Catch Up Plus, which includes a thousand movie titles in the M-Net Collection, plus the ability to schedule recordings remotely.

It also enables access to Showmax, the video-streaming service launched by MultiChoice parent Naspers.

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Police Minister Fikile Mbalula on Thursday said that police have put out a “red alert” at South African borders for Zimbabwean first lady Grace Mugabe, in case she attempted to leave the country.

Speaking at the sidelines of an indaba on gender based violence,  Mbalula said security measures have been put at the borders, however, she had not made any attempts to leave. Matters involving her diplomatic immunity still needed to be resolved.

“We, in terms of South African Police, already put tabs in the borders in relation to her leaving the country, so there is no question about that,” said Mbalula.

“So tabs have been put, a red alert has been put, so she is not somebody who has been running away,” he said.

 Mugabe has been accused of assaulting South African model Gabriella Engels at a Sandton hotel last weekend.

She was visiting her sons on Sunday when she reportedly stormed into their room and assaulted Engels, who she accused of living with her sons – who are both in their 20s and live in Johannesburg.

Mugabe allegedly assaulted Engels with an electric cord in the face and head. The model sustained serious injuries and has since laid a charge of assault with the intent to do grievous bodily harm.

The police ministry had previously announced that Mugabe would be appearing in court to answer for the charges but she never pitched.


It was also reported that she would hand herself over to police to give a warning statement, this also never happened.

In a subsequent press release the ministry said her lawyers and government representatives made verbal representations to SAPS investigators that the suspect wished to invoke diplomatic immunity cover and  she elected to change her mind about the warning statement.

Mbalula said since the matter was now in the hands of Dirco.

“There has been an exchange since the day I announced she would appear in the Wynberg Magistrate’s Court, which was an agreement, she didn’t appear up until the point now, where issues of immunity must be attended to.”

Mbalula added that, had it been someone else facing such allegations, they could have already moved on the person in terms of the issues.

“Anyone that comes to South Africa must know we are a constitutional state and a law state and nothing will just be left.”

It has been reported that President Robert Mugabe has arrived in South Africa two days early for the 37th SADC Heads of State and Government Summit.

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