Galaxy Note 8 Leaks Reveal ‘Shape Change’

The Galaxy Note 8 is a big deal. For Samsung it must both restore faith in the badly damaged Note brand and stand up to Apple’s biggest iPhone reinvention in years. New leaks suggest it might just be on the right track…

Backing up renders and commercial cases I received for the Galaxy Note 8 are a trio of new leaks, all of which show the same consistent design, features and ports. Let’s break them down.

Galaxy Note 8 render based on the latest leaks. Image credit: Concept CreatorConcept Creator

Galaxy Note 8 render based on the latest leaks. Image credit: Concept Creator

First up is historically reliable Vietnamese leaker Tung Ha, who has posted what he claims are official press renders of the Galaxy Note 8 on his popular Facebook page. The renders show familiar features:

  • A large new Infinity Display (6.3-inch is widely expected),
  • A shape change to the Galaxy S8’s 19.5:9 aspect ratio
  • Dual Cameras – the first premium Samsung device to have them
  • A rear fingerprint sensor moved further away from the camera lenses
  • The headphone jack remains

Of course the notion of a rear mounted fingerprint sensor on the Galaxy Note 8 would’ve been a deal breaker just a week ago. But following the iPhone 8’s big feature blow Samsung has been given a big helping hand here.

Galaxy Note 8 claimed press renderTung Ha

Galaxy Note 8 claimed press render

Next up is Chinese case maker SanFeng whose commercial cases for the Galaxy Note 8 leaked on Apple and Samsung treasure trove Weibo. The designs may be somewhat gaudy, but they again tie-in not only with Ha’s renders, but the commercial Galaxy Note 8 cases shown to me last week from popular case maker Olixar.

Yes, all the bullet points above from Ha’s images can again be ticked looking at the SanFeng cases, including the aspect ratio shape change, with the exception of the headphone jack as we don’t get to see the bottom angle of the phone.

SanFeng leaked render of its upcoming commercial Galaxy Note 8 casesSanFeng

SanFeng leaked render of its upcoming commercial Galaxy Note 8 cases

Lastly we go to Weibo again where physical Galaxy Note 8 cases again illustrate not only the space for the larger Infinity Display, but placement of the new dual rear camera, tweaked fingerprint sensor position, that new aspect ratio and port cutout for the headphone jack.

Galaxy Note 8 leaked commercial case showing headphone jack portWeibo

Galaxy Note 8 leaked commercial case showing headphone jack and stylus ports

Following multiple leaks from trusted sources last week I called it on Apple’s biggest 2017 secret saying: This is the iPhone 8Following not just today’s leaks, but also further discussions I’ve had off the record I’m also now confident put my cards on the table for Samsung’s flagship handset. Ladies and gentleman: This is the Galaxy Note 8.

Given their similar August (Samsung) and September (Apple) launch schedules, the stage is set for the mother of all smartphone battles. It is one which could become even more interesting if Google nails the intriguing yet still fairly secretive supersized Pixel 2

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A Cold front hit the Mzansi yesterday morning, leaving parts of the Eastern Cape and Lesotho covered in snow.

Residents living near the towns of Mount Fletcher and Maclear woke up to blankets of white yesterday!

Snow fell across the Drakensberg and around Mzansi residents felt the chill.

Snow in SA
Even cop cars were covered in snow in Mount Fletcher.

Transport department spokesman Mayenzeke Dada said the R56 road between the two small towns was covered in snow, particularly on the Katkop Pass, which affected traffic.

And according to the South African Weather Service, the cold weather will continue over the weekend.

Weather forecaster Wayne Venter told Daily Sun snowfall would hit parts of the Drakensberg, Free State and western KZN.

“We’re expecting temperatures to be as low as zero degrees throughout Gauteng,” he said.

According to Venter, Gauteng residents could expect fast moving cold weather, accompanied by rain in some areas.

City of Joburg emergency services spokesman Robert Mulaudzi said because of the significant drop in temperature, residents could start using heating appliances, which may lead to dangerous situations.

“City of Joburg Emergency Management Services will remain on high alert to make sure we respond to any emergency which might occur,” he said.

Mulaudzi warned residents of formal residential areas not to leave heaters
unattended when not in use to avoid fire incidents.

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Robert Marawa’s contract terminated without him being notified directly

The announcement of Robert Marawa’s contract termination with South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) went public without him being notified directly.

The announcement that the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) had terminated their contract with Robert Marawa went public without him being notified directly.

On Wednesday, the SABC went public with the news that the sports presenter’s contract had been terminated.

According to TshisaLIVE,  the media statement was released with Robert knowing nothing about the matter. He was alerted to the situation by colleagues who had received an internal notice.

Kaizer Kganyango told TshisaLIVE they went public with the announcement after receiving word from Robert’ s lawyers .

“We have been in discussions with Robert for several weeks and he has been communicating with us through his lawyer. Once a decision had been made to part ways we notified the lawyer. We tried to contact Robert directly but were unsuccessful. So, once his lawyer acknowledged receipt of the mail, we announced the decision. As far as we are concerned, we did the right thing,” Kaizer said.

The decision to terminate Robert’s contract was apparently made in a meeting on Wednesday afternoon, Kaizer also revealed.

Speaking of the reason for the termination, Kaizer let know it was due to Robert’s refusal to come to work.

“He did not honour his contract and refused to come to work. We spoke to him after he announced on social media that he would not return until the matter between his producer and the SABC was resolved. We reached out to him several times but he told us directly that he would not come back until we resolved the issue.We never had a problem with Robert, only with his producer. He got involved. It was only when he refused to come to work, which is grounds for dismissal at the SABC, that it became a matter between us and Robert,” Kaizer said.

As to what Robert’s next move will be only time will tell but one thing for sure is he will be back on the radio as he has let fans know on social media.

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Watch Hillary and Donald Fight It Out in This Epic Rap Battle

Your favorite YouTube showdown creators bring us what the two candidates wish they could say to each other.

  • Source: / Via:

  • Epic Rap Battles has been hiatus since their memorable Alexander the Great vs. Ivan the Terrible video from a few months back. Peter Shukoff (Nice Peter) and Lloyd Ahlquist (EpicLLOYD) have been touring and getting ready for the new season. But they had to return to take on the election. Much like their last presidential rap battle, this one gets cut off.

    EpicLLOYD is back to play Donald Trump. Kimmy Gatewood is playing HRC. You might remember that Epic Rap Battles have had Donald Trump rap before, versus Ebenezer Scrooge. This time, though, he’s much more orange and much more angry.

    Hillary kicks things off by addressing her experience. The beat drops in and she’s immediately out of her chair and freestyling. Her disses include Trump’s Russia controversies, the color of his skin, how creepy his kids are, and his plethora of bankruptcies.

    Trump takes the hits and then dishes his own. He focuses on the emails, the glass ceiling, insisting she started ISIS, and calling back to the contentious primary race with Bernie Sanders. EpicLLOYD, playing Trump, is just so… orange.

    What do you think? Who won the rap battle? Let us know in the comments or @trendingweek

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Jim Carrey is an INCREDIBLE ARTIST as Profiled in “I Need Color” Documentary  

You have to watch this.

  • Source: / Via:

  • It’s always shocking when a celebrity has more than one talent — wether its Jesse Eisenberg being an incredible humor writer or Nick Offerman’s now legendary wood working skills — but it’s rare to see these tasks being just so… breathtaking. Jim Carrey is a comedian and actor who is maybe best known for his string of incredibly energetic performances in Dumb and Dumber, The Mask and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective — and his innate talent in those films makes it all the more shocking that Jim Carrey isn’t just an artist, but an undeniably talented one.

    The short documentary “I Need Color” needs to be seen to be believed. Jim Carrey is in his studio studiously making ornate and gorgeous sculptures and creating beautiful painting that pop into the eyes. Watching him in action is incredible, and hearing his spiritual musings is incredibly interesting, such as him saying that Jesus Chris is made up of every race and about how he started painting because during one bleak winter following a break up he found himself needing color. The most shocking thing is again — just how good the art is. Check out a little bit of it, and make sure to watch the documentary above.

  • Screen shot 2017 08 07 at 11.48.06 am
  • Screen shot 2017 08 07 at 11.49.19 am
  • Screen shot 2017 08 07 at 11.49.31 am
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Gabriella Engels Offered Blank Cheque To Drop Assult Charges On Grace Mugabe

The woman who was allegedly assaulted by Zimbabwe’s First Lady‚ Grace Mugabe‚ was offered a blank cheque to make the matter go away.

This was revealed at a media conference on Thursday at AfriForum’s offices in Centurion at which the alleged victim‚ Gabriella Engels‚ and her mother‚ Debbie‚ were present.



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