North Korea Threatens 'Pain and Suffering' As U.N. Approves New Sanctions

North Korea threatened the United States with “pain and suffering” Monday prior to the United Nations’ approval of tough new sanctions.

“The forthcoming measures to be taken by [North Korea] will cause the U.S. the greatest pain and suffering it had ever gone through in its entire history,” a North Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman said.

“Since the U.S. is revealing its nature as a blood-thirsty beast obsessed with the wild dream of reversing [North Korea’s] development of the state nuclear force which has already reached the completion phase, there is no way that [North Korea] is going to wait and let the U.S. feast on it,” the statement added.

The United Nations Security Council approved soon after the U.S.-drafted resolution calling for the strongest sanctions to date in response to Pyongyang’s latest nuclear test.

The proposal, which originally called for an oil embargo, halting textile exports and placing travel and financial restrictions on North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, was revised in an attempt to appease China and Russia – both of whom possess veto powers.

According to the Associated Press, the resolution was passed without the “oil import ban or international asset freeze” initially sought by the Trump administration but nonetheless included strict constraints on Pyongyang’s revenue stream.

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Maine High School Is Apparently First In U.S. to get Sports Hijabs

Muslim student athletes at one U.S. high school no longer have to be slowed down by worries that their headscarves might fall off.

Deering High School in Portland, Maine, is providing sport hijabs with the goal of making Muslim girls comfortable – and boosting their participation in sports. The lightweight scarves stay put and are less bulky than other hijabs, “We’re more confident on the field,” said junior lacrosse player Fadumo Adan. “This one doesn’t fall off. No matter what I do, it won’t fall off.”

Tennis co-captains Liva Pierce and Anaise Manikunda raised more than $800 online to buy the sporty hijabs for their Muslim teammates after the school’s athletic director learned of the product. They solicited private donations to avoid criticism for using taxpayer funds on religious apparel, and ended up with enough to outfit all teams, including lacrosse, soccer, volleyball, softball, field hockey and track.

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‘He Started Tearing’ – Jay-Z’s Mom Opens Up About Coming Out To Him

Jay-Z is astoundingly open and honest on 4:44, but one of the album’s most personal moments comes with “Smile,” in which he reveals that his mom is a lesbian. The song acts as Gloria Carter’s public coming out to the world, and now the mother of four has opened up about her son’s emotional reaction to hearing the news for the first time.

“Me and my son, we share a lot of information. I was sitting there and… I just finally started telling him who I was,” she said during a recent appearance on the Roc Nation-affiliated D’ussé Friday podcast. “Besides your mother, this is the person that I am, this is the life that I live. So my son actually started tearing, because he was like, ‘That had to be a horrible life, Ma.’ And I was like, ‘My life was never horrible, it was just different.’ So that made him want to do a song about it.”

On “Smile,” Jay raps, “Mama had four kids, but she’s a lesbian / Had to pretend so long that she’s a thespian / Had to hide in the closet, so she medicate / Society shame and the pain was too much to take / Cried tears of joy when you fell in love / Don’t matter to me if it’s a him or her.” It’s one of the album’s most emotional moments, but Carter went on to reveal that it almost didn’t happen.


“The first time I heard the song, I was like, ‘Eh, I don’t know, dude. I ain’t feeling that,’” she explained. “When it first happened, I was sharing myself [with Jay] , not to share myself with the world.” But after a few conversations with her son, she finally gave him the OK to use the song. “I was never ashamed of me,” she said. “But in my family, it was something that was never discussed. I’m tired of all the mystery. I’m gonna give it to ’em . . . Now it’s time for me to live my life and be happy, be free.”

That powerful sentiment echoes the tone of Carter’s beautiful spoken outro on “Smile”: “Living in the shadow feels like the safe place to be / No harm for them, no harm for  But life is short, and it’s time to be free / Love who you love, because life isn’t guaranteed.”

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Seeing the Light: Rejected Muslim Migrants in Finland Switch to Christianity

Finland has recently seen a rise in the number of Muslim asylum seekers who have converted to Christianity. Despite the fact that the conversion has most often taken place after a refusal, the Church of Finland has faith that they are telling the truth.All the more asylum seekers have been expressing their desire to convert to Christianity after arriving in Finland and having their applications declined, Finnish national broadcaster Yle reported.

According to Tirsa Forssell of the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri), the recent “crop” of converts includes newcomers such as Afghans and Iraqis, who were seen among proselytes before.

“The change of religion usually occurs after having one’s asylum application denied, that is in the appellate period,” Forssel said.

Cases are returned to the Immigration Service by the Administrative Court, if new grounds for obtaining asylum emerge. According to Forsell, the conversion to Christianity accounts for up to 70 percent of appealed cases. This year alone, up to 700 cases have been registered, Yle reported.

Most often, asylum seekers are interested in Pentecostalism and Christian Awakening movements, whereas traditional denominations, such as the Evangelical Lutheran Church, are less popular.

Forssell attributed the rising interest in Christianity to the Church’s active help in aiding the asylum seekers. However, there may also be a more artificial cause for conversion, as the deportation of a Christian to a Muslim country may be deemed unsafe by the authorities.

Although many maintain that these last-hour leaps of faith are driven by the asylum-seekers’ fears of deportation, the Church maintains that they are more concerned about their immortal souls. Jouni Lehikoinen, the vicar of the St. Michael Parish in Turku, emphasized that many expressed a keen interest in church services and Christianity immediately upon arriving in Finland, long before receiving a refusal. Nevertheless, Lehikoinen admitted that he himself has seen people whose religious beliefs could be called into question. Additionally, he claimed that some lawyers are appealing to religion for selfish reasons.

At the same time, Finnish priests want to play a bigger role in deciding whether the faith of asylum seekers who convert to Christianity is genuine. Over 400 Finnish priests, mostly Lutheran, signed a petition requesting that Migri make better use of the clergy’s knowledge in dealing with converts. Lehikoinen claimed that the parishes have real experience with people who have converted to Christianity from Islam and other religions.

Lehikoinen stressed the fact that Muslim apostates may be facing persecution in their former countries, yet claimed that the Church goes to great pains to dissuade asylum seekers from converting with the sole intention of advancing their applications.

“We try and make it clear to the would-be converts that furthering their application is not a reason to become a Christian,” Lehikoinen said.

Previously, Finnish church officials estimated the number of immigrants who have renounced Islam in favor of Christianity at several hundred. Many of the new Christians cited a profound dissatisfaction with Islam as the impetus for their conversion, alongside a long and harrowing asylum process.

In recent months, Finland has been toughening its asylum procedures and is now rejecting the majority of asylum requests from Iraqis, Afghans and Somalis. The only exceptions are made for refugees from especially troubled or war-torn areas.

Over the past 12 months, Migri has reviewed 3,510 applications for refugee status and refused 1,849 of them, the Finnish newspaper Aamulehti reported. Many of those who aren’t chosen are sent to their respective homelands forcibly, which has ignited protests among Finnish human rights activists and fellow asylum seekers.

At the same time, over 5,000 refugees have been reported as missing, having disappeared from the authorities’ radar shortly after receiving a refusal.

Recently, a survey from Turku University showed that people with Arabic-sounding names (particularly men) have significantly lower chances of getting an apartment on the private market in Finland than their European counterparts. Earlier, a foreign-sounding name was also found to constitute a significant handicap for a jobseeker.

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‘I Just Didn’t Feel Desirable’ – Kylie Jenner Finally Reveals Why She Got Bigger Lips

t’s no secret that Kylie Jenner‘s trademark plump pout is the result of er, some surgical enhancements. The 20-year-old Kylie Cosmetics maven revealed years ago that she underwent lip injections — but on the Sunday, September 10, episode of her new series, Life of Kylie, the reality star finally revealed what prompted her to undergo the drastic change in her appearance.

According to Jenner, it was a comment from a former love interest — one of the first boys she ever kissed — that severely impacted her self esteem in her mid-teens and led her to modify her appearance.


“I was 15 and I was insecure about my lips… I [had] really small lips,” the star revealed to a therapist on the show. “It was like one of my first kisses and a guy was like, ‘I didn’t think you would be a good kisser because you have such small lips.’”

The entrepreneur recalled taking that comment “really hard,” adding, “just when a guy you like says that, I don’t know, it just really affected me. I just didn’t feel desirable or pretty.”

Soon after the incident, Jenner tried to make her lips look larger with makeup: “I would over-line my lips with lip liner just to create the illusion of bigger lips,” she noted. “Finally I was like, ‘This lip liner isn’t doing it.’” That’s when the lip kit maven made the decision to use lip fillers to enhance her pout.

Years later, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star’s luscious lips have become the logo on her signature lip kits, which helped earn her Kylie Cosmetics brand $420 million dollars in retail sales in the first two years since its November 2015 launch. The makeup line is tracking for a 25 percent sales increase this year, with the projected sales for 2017 topping $386 million, which means that Kylie Cosmetics could hit the billion dollar mark as soon as 2022.

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How To Cope With Renal Impaired Function

Kidneys are bean-like shaped organs located at the small of the back.
Although we have two of them, one can still get you by.
The main functions of kidneys is to store electrolytes, salts and minerals and to excrete waste from the body through urine.
When kidneys experience dysfunction, the body will become lethargic, lose appetite, muscle cramps and drowsiness

You can improve kidney function by making certain changes to your diet and lifestyle.

The following tips should help improve kidney function and promote longevity


  • Water Hydration Technique 
    From time to time we go for long periods without drinking water, leading to thirst and dehydration, and we normally gulp the first glass of water within 15 seconds. Have you ever given thought to what this does to your body? No right? I don’t blame you.
    The truth of the matter is that when you gulp water quickly or any fluid for that matter, you apply immense amounts of pressure to your kidney function. How? Since one of the main functions of kidneys is to balance body fluid level in the body and dump large amounts of it into the blood stream, which kidneys will be required to balance out (urine production).
  • Drinking
    Drinking just a mouthful of fluids will balance this out by reducing pressure on the kidneys and improving hydration.
  • Keeping Your Weight Under Control
    Make sure your weight is always kept under control. If you are obese or overweight, you run the risk of suffering diabetes, a risk factor for kidney disease. Do away with high calorie, processed carbs and high fat foods. Eat foods rich in nuts, seeds, lean meats and veggies instead.
  • Exercise 
    Exercise can help improve mobility and circulation, and work alongside your diet to maintain your weight level. Do at least 30 minute sessions three times a week. These could be swimming, running, biking, walking and weight training
  • Control Blood Pressure
    Blood pressure, referred to as hypertension can lead to kidney disease. Prevent this from happening by reducing salt intake levels.
  • Leave Out Toxins 
    Ensure that toxins are left out of your body. Based on research by the National Kidney Foundation, consistent use of prescription medications, pain relievers and illicit drugs can significantly damage your kidneys. Avoid the consumption of these as well as foods that contain pesticides and chemicals.
  • Watch Protein Intake 
    Be on the look for your protein intake. If your kidneys are functioning properly, wastes are eliminated and proteins remains in the blood stream. If the kidneys are weak, protein may not get separated from the waste. If you have poor kidney function, avoid too much of protein rich foods as it could lead to a high-protein diet. Follow RDA guidelines of between 10 and 35 % of your overall daily intake of caloric.
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