You Might Be Able To Marry A Robot By 2050

obots are the future… in more than one way.

Single people: everything is going to be OK. If you’ve given up on ever finding someone and have vowed to be alone with your cats until the end of time, you may want to reconsider.

With technology taking over pretty much everything these days, it really shouldn’t be a surprise that it may take over our love lives, too. I mean, sex robots are kind of a thing and virtual porn is heading towards a market takeover. It won’t be long before the robots who fill our sexual desires start to satisfy our emotional desires, too.

At a recent “Love And Sex With Robots” conference (it’s a real thing… seriously) at the University of London, David Levy, expert and author of a book on love between humans and robots, predicated that sex robot marriages would be legal by 2050. The director of the Mixed Reality Lab in Singapore, Adrian Cheok, said that the prediction seems pretty valid.

During his speech at the conference, Cheok was quoted as saying, “That might seem outrageous because it’s only 35 years away. But 35 years ago people thought homosexual marriage was outrageous… Until the 1970s, some states didn’t allow white and black people to marry each other. Society does progress and change very rapidly.”

I’ve got to say, the man makes a pretty good point. In fact, Cheok is full of logical wisdom and just listening to his point of view makes the whole robot-human marriage sound rather lovely.

He goes on to argue that marrying robots could make huge improvements to society as many human-to-human marriages are unhappy or end up in divorce. He also argues that while society assumes that everyone has the ability to meet someone, fall in love, get married and live happily ever after, this is simply not the case for a huge part of the population.

When comparing a bad marriage to a human or a marriage to a robot, Cheok believes that the robot relationship is a much better option.

While there are still massive yet doable improvements to be made to sex robots, the biggest challenge for making them lovable is the skill of conversation. By making robots look like they love you and, more importantly, make you FEEL like they love you, you are going to feel that same kind of connection as you would get with human love.

Humans are capable of loving pets and fictional characters, which is why Cheok believes that falling in love with robots is not a big stretch. Cheok offers up some pretty convincing arguments, but there are two sides to every story and others are not so convinced that human and robot marriages will be successful.

Professor at The University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Switzerland, Oliver Bendal, argues that love and sex robots will have no moral standing. He believes that the whole contract of marriage involves duties that robots can’t actually perform, such as taking care of the children. However, he somehow still believes that this marriage option can become legal by 2050, simply because of public pressures.

With the possibility of the government taking action against this kind of marriage, the professor thinks that anything could happen and that we should prepare ourselves for any outcome.

Falling in love and marrying a robot — the pro and con lists for this topic are both long. What do you think? Would marrying a robot ever seem appealing to you?

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Online Courses You Can Take To Improve Your Career

Online courses can be pursued to improve your skills and develop your career. Some online courses are free. Online courses can keep you up to date with new information that is important in your field.

Best online courses to take


Udemy is an online learning platform that offers courses in Business Management, Marketing, It & Software Social Media Management. Some of the courses are free and you can sign up easily. You also get a certificate at the end of your selected courses.


Coursera offers online courses from top universities. These include Stanford University, The University of Michigan University and Duke University. If you are enthusiastic about Computer Science and Mathematics then you should consider taking online courses at Coursera.


Social media 101 Buffer

If you are a Social Media Specialist and you want to expand your knowledge, you should think about doing courses on Buffer. You can learn about using the social network for 2 minutes per day. This course teaches you how to interact with your audience. The tone and voice you should use on your posts.


The Muse

The Muse offer some of the best online courses in Graphics and Design, Business, and Marketing. The cost of courses ranges from $25 to $100. It is a great investment that you can make as you strive to be a better employee or employer.


Global Speechwriter

If you are a writer and you want to take your writing career to the next level then you should visit Global Speech Writer and take some online classes. The courses are designed for those who want to be a better speech writer. You can get access to a one on one training with skilled professionals.


Epic Online

Epic Online is an E-learning platform that allows people from different countries to learn English. You can improve your writing skills in English. This is good for Entrepreneurs who are non-native speakers if English. They can improve their proficiency by taking online English classes.



Communications skills are very important. It is a skill that every professional must have. Alison helps you to communicate better with your peers and co-workers. If you are interested then you should sign up for their online classes. If you want to negotiate deals better as an entrepreneur. You can sign up for a diploma in business communication.


Wrapping up

Online classes are convenient for those who are interested in expanding their knowledge. You should never stop learning and improve yourself. Taking online classes is a great way to improve yourself.


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4 Cars You Can Drive Without A License

Today, the cars that can be driven without a license are becoming more and more popular in the developed countries. The main advantage is that you don’t have to pass any exam to be able to drive this kind of vehicle. The only thing required is a certificate which you can get from an authorized driving school.


However, the advantages don’t stop here. The vehicles have a nice design (even if they aren’t the most elegant cars on the market), small size and they have a. Also, the security level offered is greater than an ATV, scooters or bicycles, while the comfort is comparable to the one of a standard vehicle.



Cars you can drive without a license

The minimum age to drive such a vehicle is 16 years old. This can be useful for teenagers as they can gain more driving experience. Also, if you already have a driving license, a car like this would help. If your driving license is suspended, you can drive a Bellier, Chatenet or Aixam without any problem.

Cars You Can Drive Without A License – Bellier Jade Classic

Bellier Jade Classic, the first car on our list, has a diesel engine, with a cubic capacity of 523 cm3, which develops 5,4 HP. The maximum speed it can achieve is 45 km/h and the tank capacity is 20 liters. Don’t worry about the consumption, which is only 3.2 per 100 kilometers. The car weighs only 390 kilograms, but its capacity is only for two people. If you’re interested in this model, you should know it’s available at 9,900 euros.

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Cars You Can Drive Without A License – Bellier Jade Racing

Considering the kind of cars we present in this list, don’t expect some improvements worthy of a true racing car. In fact, the only improvements over the classic model are sports seats, seat belts, black wheels, Sparco wheel hub, sport sifter, sport pedals, dual chrome exhaust and sport stickers. The price starts from 11,700 euros.


Cars that can be driven without a license – Aixam Coupe

Aixam Coupe has an engine with a cubic capacity of 400 cm3 which develops 5,4 HP, so the maximum speed is 45 km/h. You will have a lower consumption at every 100 kilometers and the tank capacity is also smaller (16 liters, more precisely). In this beautiful car there can fit two people, and if you want to include air conditioning, you have to pay another 1,040 euros.

Aixam Crossline is not very different from the previous cars in terms of price. The S Coupe version will cost you 9800 euro, while the Premium Coupe versions and GTI Coupe will cost 11800 euros respectively, 11500 euros.


Cars that can be driven without a license – Chatenet CH26

The most popular brand in this market segment is Chatenet CH26. It has an engine with a cubic capacity of 523 cm3, which develops 5,4 HP, similar to Bellier Jade Classic. The maximum speed is 45 km/h and the consumption is 3 liters per 100 kilometers. The trunk has a capacity of 600 liters and the price of the car is 13.025 euros. If you want the sport version, it will cost 910 euros more.

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‘It’s difficult,’ says R14-million bonanza student

Rivals’ suspicions aroused when WSU student underwent a ‘Cinderella-like’ transformation

Walter Sisulu University student and Pasma leader Sibongile Mani

Sibongile Mani, the Walter Sisulu University student at the centre of an accidental R14-million payout, said she will get through the experience.

“It’s difficult, very difficult but I will get through [it],” said Mani, who had allegedly spent more than R800,000 after an administrative error saw her receive R14-million for food and book allowances.

Asked to tell her side of the story, Mani said: “I am not ready.”

Intellimali CEO Michael Ansell said on Wednesday the company would be taking full financial and administrative responsibility after Mani had apparently “misappropriated” R818,000 in what the company described as an “unprecedented” event in its 10 year history.

“The investigation is ongoing and legal action will be taken against the student,” Ansell said on Wednesday.

“Intellimali is currently in talks with NSFAS and WSU to determine the most appropriate action to be taken,” he said in a statement.

Ansell said the funds were paid over in June, and the error was only discovered in early August after she had spent a big amount of money.

“Regardless of the outcome of the investigation referred to later‚ Intellimali takes full administrative and financial responsibility for the incident. Neither the funder‚ National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) nor the university (WSU) have erred in any way and they are not responsible for this. In addition‚ no student’s financial aid support will be affected in any way‚” he said.

Ansell said the company had already implemented the necessary controls to avoid such an incident in the future.

“As is our standard practice, Intellimali deactivated that student’s allowance and notified the university that we would investigate the matter.

“In this case, the investigation proved to be complex, highly technical and time consuming. It required the attention of both internal professionals and external experts,” he said.

Sibongile Mani accidentally received a R14.1-million payment on her student debit card and allegedly blew over R800,000 of it.

Sibongile Mani accidentally received a R14.1-million payment on her student debit card and allegedly blew over R800,000 of it. 
Image: Supplied

NSFAS spokesperson Kagisho Mamabolo said they had requested the university to explain how the error occurred.

“The university must account,” he said.

University spokesperson Yonela Tukwayo said the university had been notified that Mani went on a “lavish” spending spree.

“People started complaining after she started living a very lavish lifestyle,” Tukwayo said.

“All students who were supposed to receive their money, did receive their money. This didn’t negatively affect any students,” she said.

Tukwayo said the university would be investigating how Mani managed to spend so much money, since there were only certain merchants where the money could be spent on food and books.

“Some students picked this up from the very lavish lifestyle she started living. We will also be looking into how this money was spent to buy some of the expensive goods‚” Tukwayo said.

“It was very callous and she did not report the matter immediately. She will definitely be held responsible‚” she said.

Lwando September, an SRC member and part of the Pan Africanist Student Movement of Azania (PASMA), declined to comment.

“We are not in a position to comment as PASMA [and] we were advised not to speak,” September said.

Mani is the student movement’s Buffalo City Campus branch secretary.

Criminal law expert Professor James Grant said it would be unlikely that Mani could be charged with fraud but “certainly theft”.

He said for her to be charged with fraud, it would require proof that she had made a misrepresentation of some sort.

Grant said the requirement for theft was to prove that she used money which she wasn’t entitled to.

“Her conduct was to spend the money, while knowing – that is the assumption – that she received it in error. In our criminal law as soon as you realise it was paid in error, then yes, it is theft and nothing else,” he said.

“On the other hand, if somehow she didn’t realise that in law she wasn’t entitled to do this or in law that if spending the money couldn’t possibly make her guilty of a criminal offence… then she would be making a mistake of law which in South African law is a valid and complete defence to the charge of theft then she could not be convicted then.”

Criminal lawyer Ulrich Roux said she could definitely be criminally charged if she didn’t repay the money.

“She isn’t justified to keep that money,” he said.

He said the moment she realised an error was made and she received more money than was due to her, she had a duty to report it to the company.

Roux said there was no law that said she was entitled to keeping the money.

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Shock as bodybuilding champ breaks neck and dies after trying to execute a back-flip

Shock as bodybuilding champ breaks neck and dies after trying to execute a back-flip
Bodybuilding champ dies in horrific accident


  • Sifiso Lungelo Thabete broke his neck while attempting a back-flip as he entered the stage, leaving the audience shocked
  • He was identified as one a potential superstar- being a former IFFB Junior World champion.

There was a mixture of panic and shock during a body-building competition after one contestant broke his neck and died after landing on his head while attempting to execute a backflip.As a gimmick to please his fans, he tried to successfully do a back-flip which went horribly wrong.

Sifiso Lungelo Thabete was a former IFFB Junior Champion and is said to have made quite an impression on judges with his maturity and muscles.

Entering the arena, Sifiso broke his neck and stayed motionless on the ground before officials scrambled to assist him.

He hailed from South Africa, Umlazi, located in Kwazulu Natal.

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How to heal a broken relationship

How to heal a broken relationship
1st Corinthians 13:1-3 the bible says “If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am only a ringing gong or a clanging cymbal. 2If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have absolute faith so as to move mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. 3If I give all I possess to the poor and exult in the surrender of my body, but have not love, I gain nothing.…”We all know that love is patient and it is easier said than done. We also know that a relationship exists where there is love. When I talk about healing a broken relationship a mean each and every kind of relationship.

It may be a marriage, it might be a business partnership, it might be a brother-sister relationship, it can also be a religious relationship. All the relationships here are exclusive.

This is a guideline on how to heal broken relationships. First and foremost know the reason why you are in a given relationship. That will drive you to work towards making the relationship work instead of looking for alternative options.We should always attribute every relationship to God. God is the author of every relationship so when we go back to Him in prayer He will direct us.

At any given time never quit any relationship unless God releases you. Problems should not edge you from a relationship because you never know God’s plan for you in that relationship.Stay put, get used to the situation because challenges are there to strengthen you. They will serve as a point of reference for your victory. The grace will be sufficient enough to propel you forward.The fact that you have problems today does not mean that tomorrow you will have problems in your relationship it is just a continuous circle that has new things.Learn to face the difficult situations in a relationship instead of running away from them. This will help you to know how to deal with challenges and give you a mileage in a relationship.Be a person who is able to look at things in different angles so that you may make a clear judgment and always take you time before you make a conclusion.Learn to be patient with each other because in every relationship people complement one another. If I have a weakness your strength will substitute it. I exist because you are.Always be ready to forgive because when you forgive you make your spirit free. This will allow the spirit of God to dwell in your heart and when it is there it will give you a wise counsel. When you harbor bad feelings or hatred it will depart.Know that you will only appreciate a turbulent relationship because when you heal it will separate impurities from your life and make you a refined person.So, my brother and sister, I pray that your faith may not fade.Know that this is not always an easy road, but it will help build your character.I know it is hard to call all those tough times friends but you have to because that is what will mold you into a super human being.Appreciate who you have in a relationship and move on because there are many people who want to be like you.May it be well with you in all your relationships.

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Create an Internet favorite or bookmark


Internet bookmarks and favorites are a great way to quickly navigate back to the websites you visit the most. To add a bookmark or favorite, select your preferred browser from the list below and follow the instructions.

All of the major Internet browsers support the Ctrl+D shortcut key combination if you need a quick way to bookmark a page.

To create a favorite (bookmark) in Microsoft Internet Explorer:

  • Navigate to the page you’d like to bookmark.
  • Right-click on a blank portion of the page and click Add to Favorites or press Ctrl+D.
  • Name the bookmark and select the folder in which you want it saved.
  • Click Add.


  • Navigate to the page you want to add to your Favorites.
  • At the top, right-hand corner of the browser window, click the Star Icon.
  • Name the bookmark and select the folder in which you want it saved.
  • Click Add.

In the Google Chrome browser:

  • Navigate to the page you’d like to bookmark.
  •  Press Ctrl+D.
  • Name the bookmark and select the folder in which you want it saved.
  • Click Done.


  • Navigate to the page you’d like to bookmark.
  • In the address bar, click Bookmark this page Chrome bookmark page icon on the right-hand side.
  • Name the bookmark and select the folder in which you want it saved.
  • Click Done.

In Mozilla Firefox Internet browser:

  • Navigate to the page you’d like to bookmark.
  • Press Ctrl+D.
  • Name the bookmark and select the folder in which you want it saved.
  • Click Done.


  • Navigate to the page you’d like to bookmark.
  •  At the top, right-hand corner, after the search field, click Bookmark this page Firefox
  • Bookmark this page icon .
  • Name the bookmark and select the folder in which you want it saved.
  • Click Done.

The Safari Internet browser:

  • Navigate to the page you’d like to bookmark.
  • Press Command + D or click Bookmarks at the top of the browser window and select Add Bookmark… from the drop-down menu.
  • Name the bookmark and select the folder in which you want it saved.
  • Click Add.

These are just but tips to keep you informed

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Galaxy Note 8 Leaks Reveal ‘Shape Change’

The Galaxy Note 8 is a big deal. For Samsung it must both restore faith in the badly damaged Note brand and stand up to Apple’s biggest iPhone reinvention in years. New leaks suggest it might just be on the right track…

Backing up renders and commercial cases I received for the Galaxy Note 8 are a trio of new leaks, all of which show the same consistent design, features and ports. Let’s break them down.

Galaxy Note 8 render based on the latest leaks. Image credit: Concept CreatorConcept Creator

Galaxy Note 8 render based on the latest leaks. Image credit: Concept Creator

First up is historically reliable Vietnamese leaker Tung Ha, who has posted what he claims are official press renders of the Galaxy Note 8 on his popular Facebook page. The renders show familiar features:

  • A large new Infinity Display (6.3-inch is widely expected),
  • A shape change to the Galaxy S8’s 19.5:9 aspect ratio
  • Dual Cameras – the first premium Samsung device to have them
  • A rear fingerprint sensor moved further away from the camera lenses
  • The headphone jack remains

Of course the notion of a rear mounted fingerprint sensor on the Galaxy Note 8 would’ve been a deal breaker just a week ago. But following the iPhone 8’s big feature blow Samsung has been given a big helping hand here.

Galaxy Note 8 claimed press renderTung Ha

Galaxy Note 8 claimed press render

Next up is Chinese case maker SanFeng whose commercial cases for the Galaxy Note 8 leaked on Apple and Samsung treasure trove Weibo. The designs may be somewhat gaudy, but they again tie-in not only with Ha’s renders, but the commercial Galaxy Note 8 cases shown to me last week from popular case maker Olixar.

Yes, all the bullet points above from Ha’s images can again be ticked looking at the SanFeng cases, including the aspect ratio shape change, with the exception of the headphone jack as we don’t get to see the bottom angle of the phone.

SanFeng leaked render of its upcoming commercial Galaxy Note 8 casesSanFeng

SanFeng leaked render of its upcoming commercial Galaxy Note 8 cases

Lastly we go to Weibo again where physical Galaxy Note 8 cases again illustrate not only the space for the larger Infinity Display, but placement of the new dual rear camera, tweaked fingerprint sensor position, that new aspect ratio and port cutout for the headphone jack.

Galaxy Note 8 leaked commercial case showing headphone jack portWeibo

Galaxy Note 8 leaked commercial case showing headphone jack and stylus ports

Following multiple leaks from trusted sources last week I called it on Apple’s biggest 2017 secret saying: This is the iPhone 8Following not just today’s leaks, but also further discussions I’ve had off the record I’m also now confident put my cards on the table for Samsung’s flagship handset. Ladies and gentleman: This is the Galaxy Note 8.

Given their similar August (Samsung) and September (Apple) launch schedules, the stage is set for the mother of all smartphone battles. It is one which could become even more interesting if Google nails the intriguing yet still fairly secretive supersized Pixel 2

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Jo’burg speed cameras offline

An intervention by the Democratic Alliance administration in Johannesburg to clean up contracts with service providers has brought the electronic enforcement of speed limits to a halt and seriously affected law enforcement in general.

The City of Johannesburg has failed to respond to detailed questions about the matter.

Four different and independent sources have, however, confirmed to Moneyweb that around March the city cancelled contracts of five service providers who supplied equipment and systems to generate the fines.

Former director Gerrie Gerneke, who retired from the Johannesburg Metro Police (JMPD) two years ago, said the department used to generate R30m to R35m/month from traffic fines. This was largely done through the 500 000 camera fines issued every month.

This income he believes has now been reduced to less than R3m.

He is, however, more concerned about the fact that motorists can now speed with impunity. Gerneke says electronic enforcement on the scale previously done in Johannesburg is the most appropriate way of reducing vehicle accidents on the city’s freeways.

According to Gerneke, the service providers, including TMT Services, Syntell and MVS Phumelelo, have been providing a turnkey electronic law enforcement system for several years. That includes the provision of calibrated cameras, the vehicles used to place such cameras every morning, uploading the data, providing computers, generating fines, delivering fines to the South African Post Office for service on the vehicle owners as well as paying the postage.

The service providers were paid per prosecutable photo and that equated to about 40% of the collected revenue from such fines, he said. Some months they collectively earned up to R20m from which they had to cover the cost of their equipment and staff before taking profit, Gerneke says.


The equipment they provided included, among other things, 120 mobile and 68 fixed site cameras, 250 computers, more than 150 general vehicles and six vehicles equipped with highly specialised automatic number plate recognition systems used at smart road blocks.

When he left the JMPD two years ago, the contracts were extended by a year and thereafter on a month-to-month basis, he said.

Gerneke and several other sources confirmed that the new DA administration cancelled the contracts around March. In terms for the Municipal Finance Management Act, it is unlawful to repeatedly extend a contract without calling for competitive tenders again and the move was apparently aimed at cleaning out non-compliant contracts.

It however left the city without cameras or systems to issue the volumes of speeding fines it used to.

Cornelia van Niekerk, owner of fines administrator Fines4U, said that in the past she received more than a thousand camera fines per month from the JMPD on behalf of her clients. Fines4U administers fines on behalf of 500 companies and 8 000 individuals clients. Since March she has not received anything and no such fines are loaded onto the National Contravention Register she has access to.

National chairman of the Justice Project Howard Dembovsky confirmed that the JMPD used to focus almost solely on issuing speeding fines by camera. It has dried up since the end of February or the beginning of March when the service providers were booted out, he said.


The city thereafter utilised a provision in the MFMA to “piggyback” on a tender awarded to Syntell by neighbouring Ekurhuleni. It is not clear exactly what the scope of the new contract with Syntell is, but Moneyweb understands it mainly provides for the “back office” and not for large-scale camera enforcement.

The city did not respond to questions on whether it plans to issue a new tender for electronic speed enforcement and if so, when this will be done.

Gerneke said provided the city has the necessary expertise, the full procurement process can take up to 12 months before a new service provider is appointed in the highly technical field of law enforcement. Even then, it can take a further few months to ramp up to full service, he says.

He said other contracts that the city cancelled due to non-compliance include the provision of CCTV services, which is the nerve centre of the security system in the CBD, and contracts for the processing of accident statistics and the digitisation of licensing documentation.

The on-street parking control contract that was developed after six years without such a system was also cancelled, which cost the city an income of about R1m/month, Gerneke said.

About 190 people have lost their jobs as a result of the loss of the camera enforcement contract and 68 after the cancellation of the CCTV contract, he said.

“These systems are the backbone of law enforcement in the city. Without them the whole system that was built up over years is imploding. It breaks my heart.”

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